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January 21, 2020
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What did the Beyond update add to No Man’s Sky?

After a long wait, No Man’s Sky ‘s highly anticipated update Beyond was finally released. In addition to the VR gameplay experience and extended online game modes, official patch notes including what has been added to the game have been shared with the update and even continue to be shared. After these notes and a few hours of gaming experience, let’s talk about what’s new in Beyond update.

The most important benefit of the Beyond update has been order. No Man’s Sky was a game with a lot of shortcomings at checkout. The game, which had seven updates, corrected a number of shortcomings, but the game became slower. Although it was fun to roam the unknown planets, the game was often overwhelmed. It ‘s good news for No Man’s Sky to know that it’s better, but not perfect .

Another innovation that Hello Games brings to the game is a small story add-on. Since the release of the game and previous updates with minor corrections had been made. Thus, the story had three different paths. Beyond added a new 30-hour story to these three different ways. Moreover, the interface has been improved. Many arrangements have been made from capacity to tool selection. Although these are minor innovations, their contribution to gameplay is undeniable.

Rich Content

No Man’s Sky is not the only thing about gameplay. The content of the game is enhanced with the update. The new inhabitants and new inhabitants have been added to the game. Many animals, plants and intelligent life forms are now in No Man’s Sky . Along with this, No Man’s Sky ‘s alien language system has been improved. Moreover, the communication diversity of NPCs on the planets has been increased. New mini-stories and new missions on the planets are now more common. In addition, more than three hundred recipes in the game has been added. So get ready to drink the blue alien milk.

Not finished. The game now has a new power system that includes five kinds of logic gates and can be paired like sphere generators and short-range devices to create exotic new contrasts. The basic structure has been improved, including a wide range of new master parts and new multiplayer missions that can be performed from within the new social ‘Nexus’ center.

At the same time, plan upgrades for a new technology tree were developed and their visuals became more understandable. An improved galaxy map, better flight controls and changes designed to significantly reduce milling have been added to the game. For example, communication between your planet colonies is now made easier. You can improve the colony by setting up commercial outposts, collecting resources and keeping help for production.

And you can experience this all-new game in VR. All the rich content previously owned and added with Beyond is now playable with VR. You can also explore with your friends. With a maximum of 4 to 8 people on consoles and 32 players on a PC, you can now play the No Man’s Sky adventure online.

In light of all this, I can say that No Man’s Sky Beyond was a satisfying game at the end. Is it too late for that? Will he be able to win the attention of the players after all this time? Time will tell them. No Man’s Sky ‘s free Beyond update is now available. The game is accessible to those who already have it.

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