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Hearthstone Extensions Pack Saviors of Uldum Ready to Play

Hearthstone ‘s new add-on package, Saviors of Uldum, is ready to play with 135 new cards. If you want to plan your stacks in advance, you can visit the official site of the game to see all the cards right away .

As always, new card sets mean new game strategies. The focus of the Saviors of Uldun plug-in is the powerful neutralization spells that affect available Plague cards and petite cards. The Shaman’s Plague card is undoubtedly the most entertaining card, as it turns all players’ minions into random ‘murlocs’.

In addition, there is a new keyword in bold: Reborn. Each card with this inscription will return to the game with 1 life. Combinations of these and other words will create different powers.

Quest cards are also returning. If dr. If Boom’s presence made you leave Hearthstone and you haven’t played since then, these cards are goal-based and can change the hero’s strength when conditions are met. These powers range from the cheapest to the most powerful, and can reverse a game.

If you log in within the next 90 days, you can have one of these 9 Quest cards at random. You may also have 3 decks / packages of Saviors of Uldun after completing a series of tasks the next time you log in . In addition, a new solo adventure called Tombs of Terror will be released in September and details will be announced in the coming months. You can download Hearthstone to your phone for free on Google Play and the App Store .

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